Azfa Syed Alhady

By: Azfa Syed Alhady

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Thursday, 24-Dec-2009 23:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Just to share some news with Fotopage friends..both my boys did extremely well in their exams..HAniff got 5A's in his exam and Izzuddin got 8A's in his PMR.

I and Syed are both proud of our boys!!!
HAnya Tuhan yang tahu our feelings

Tuesday, 18-Aug-2009 01:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I've got a new home...jemput ke rumah baru k...

Salam all.. I have got a new home @ blog. I feel more at ease having a blog rather then fotopage. I will still keep my fotopage open but updating would not be as often as it is..

I adore the relationship which I have made thru fotopage and I do hope the relationship would continue to my blog.

My new blog address is

Salam and cheers,

Monday, 13-Jul-2009 00:41 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Just a short entry ...

This is how I feel..

I rasa off late ni, I have neglected my family.. you know why??

I am now too engroused to FACEBOOK!! ish ish.. my daughter sampai kata.' Sibuknya Umi, sampai adik tanya pun tak jawab!" that caught my attention..

Now I promised that I would only mengadap my Facebook and Fotopage after they are asleep..tapi to make things worst, I would be the 1st one to sleep.. he he.. how??

To my children : Umi promise, I will only buka Facebook at nite, after 10.30pm.. I will baca FB for only half an hour as after that I would have to read my book lak..

Now, my schedule need to be changed. I need to do some adjustment to my time table.. let's see whether it works or not..

I will keep everyone posted on my ability to control my time on computer k..Wish me luck!!

As for work : biasa je.. I've got a new subject ( as if people care) and I need to do extra 2 hours reading per day!!

To my hubby : - Love you baby, I appreciate the serious talk which we had that day.. I have now decided..kita buat sama2 k..( apa dia?? cannot tell la..)

Love you all..

To all my students- MIss you all too.. take care of yourself..kalau datang buat clearance and you are free.. do come over to my room. Insya ALLAH saya ada..

Thursday, 2-Jul-2009 22:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Busy but excited!!

Busy should not be the reason to not to write some updates in his fotopage @ fotoblog.. but kadang2 rasa hmm tak best la as no photos to update.. kalau hanya write up.. baik buat blog biase je, at least boleh tukar the layout and other things.. I admire some of my future corporate leaders yang selalu change the layout such as Amalina and Azira.

Another reason yang boleh jadi busy tak tentu arah is because, next week classes dah start and I need to read some books as to update myself to current issues.

Cake pun lama tak bake and my little girl made some comments on the non existence of cake in the fridge.. ish ish.. macam la makan cake hari-hari.

Psst psst:- To all my future corporate leaders.. ALL THE BEST OF LUCK AND PLEASE FOCUS ON YOUR STUDIES..

To Wan and friends, Aswad and Rahman, terima kasih kerana sudi singgah ke bilik ertanya khabar..

Wednesday, 17-Jun-2009 14:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I'm now hooked into this.. I bought this book masa MPH bookstore sale which was held at Village Mall last month. I bought quite some books for myself and kids.

'YOUR ROAD MAP FOR SUCCESS' is a book written by John Maxwell..

Let me finish this book before I share what this is all about k..

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